Cosmic Chaos

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Cosmic Chaos is a fast-paced, science fiction middle grade novel.

Logan gasped. He needed to be in contact with the wrist remote when the program ended or … I don’t even know what will happen to me!

The Cosmic

Twelve-year-old Logan lives inside the Luna Biodome on the moon. Not only is the moon dust making him sick, it also sets him apart from the other kids. While Logan is inside his new robot’s interactive program, his illness disappears and mysteries occur that he can’t explain.

The Chaos

Logan meets an annoying yet undeletable program character named Amy. Their misadventures awaken him to a glitch-a secret that could return him to Earth to track down his missing mother. But only if Amy will cooperate before the moon’s lockdown and before the robot destroys him.


206_bookvana_winner_smallSeptember 2016 – Winner of the 2016 Bookvana Awards for the Children’s Fiction category.

June 2016 – Honorable Mention in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

May 2016 – Honorable Mention in the 2016 San Francisco Book Festival competition.


“…Dinosaurs, the garden of Eden, science and Christianity walk side-by-side in the background of this fascinating tale of Cosmic Chaos. …If young readers are looking for a touching story with a bit of time travel, I highly recommend CM Shelton’s Cosmic Chaos.” -Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D., Authors Talk About It reviewer (5 star review)

“…Buy Cosmic Chaos. If you like great characters and good adventures, you won’t regret reading it yourself. But the best thing you can do is give it to a smart young person. You might change their world.” -Ray Simmons, Reader’s Favorite book reviewer (5 star review)

“My kids are devouring this book.”  -Sarah, mom of four

“Wow! One of those ‘just couldn’t put it down’ books.”  -Roger, father of five

“Kids will love it.  Guaranteed!” -Jeannie St. John Taylor, children’s book author


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