5 Top Reasons To Hire An Editor

You’ve invested an enormous amount of time on your writing. And you are ready for the next exciting step – to present your manuscript to agents and publishers. But just hold off a little longer and take one more step to ensure your work is ready – send it to a professional editor. Why? Here are the top five reasons:

1. Avoid the embarrassment. You’ve invested an enormous amount of time and effort into your manuscript – you are so close to it you will not see every typo, grammatical error and inconsistency.

2. Bring out the very best in your writing. An editor will point out what doesn’t work. What you visualize in your head does not always make it into the text of the chapter. If there is an issue with the plot, structure or narrative flow, the editor will find it. They will also catch repetitive words, misused phrases, incomplete sentences and formatting errors.

3. Look like a professional. With the help of an editor, you will put out a polished, savvy work that is more likely to gain the attention of literary agents and publishers.

4. Build trust in your readers. Make your book the very best product available, which will have your readers wanting more.

5. It is an investment that will pay off later. When the editor points out your most common mistakes, you’ll be aware of those issues with the next manuscript and be able to correct them yourself, therefore, strengthening your writing and growing in your craft.

Taking that extra step to utilize the services of an editor will result in a book you can be proud of. I recommend Suzanne of The Transformational Editor. You are welcome to visit her website to download a FREE e-book with real-life examples of ‘before and after’ professionally edited manuscript excerpts so you can see the difference: www.transformationaleditor.com

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